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What hypnotherapy can do for you

Life can present us with many challenges that can effect our health and well-being. Hypnotherapy is an effective and useful way to bring comfort or change in this busy and often hectic world we live in. 
Discover the self belief and tools you have within yourself to make your dreams a reality. Whether it be losing weight, stopping smoking, reducing stress and anxiety or overcoming a phobia. 
I come from a clinical background, being a dental hygienist working for over 20 years treating anxious, nervous patients with great success.
We can work together in a relaxing environment to improve and give you confidence to achieve your goals.
What would you change in your life if only you had the tools and the self belief to achieve your dreams? The only thing holding you back is YOU. Free yourself and start being the greatest YOU that you can be.


Initial consultation: 30 minutes is free.
Hypnotherapy session (approx 1 hour): £45.00
Taster relaxation session (approx 30 mins): £20.00
Methods: Cash, PayPal or BACS
Testimonials can be provided if required.

Taster session:
A lot of people are a little unsure as to whether they can be hypnotised or uneasy about the experience they may have. I was exactly the same, so what I'm offering is a guided relaxation session. You can then decide if hypnotherapy would be the choice for you.

Results may differ from client to client and doesn't work the same for each person. Before undertaking any kind of therapy it is recommended to speak to your GP first, especially if you are being treated for high blood pressure, epilepsy, depression or anxiety.


How many sessions will I need?
This will depend on the condition you present with and will be evaluated through the sessions and be dependent on progress, feedback and achievements.

Will I be in control?
You will be in full control, a client in clinical hypnosis cannot be made to do anything which goes against your usual beliefs whether religious, ethical or moral.

Can I get 'stuck in' hypnosis?
No. At the end of the session the therapist will count you out of a relaxed state. Some people want to stay a little longer voluntarily to enjoy the deep relaxation and automatically come out of this state when they are ready, just like waking from being asleep.
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